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National Theater of Venezuela

Since 1905, the National Theater of Venezuela offers a cultural space Venezuelan where plays, operas and zarzuelas are presented, among others. It is located in the center of Caracas, in la Saint Teresa Parish.

Location: Corner Miracielos a Cipreses, Santa Teresa parish. Caracas.

Distance from the Hotel:

On foot: 2 minutes

Car: 1 minute

For information about Festivals and Billboard visit: FOUND YOU


Municipal Theatre 

One of the most emblematic architectural challenges of Caracas became a reality in the 19th century, with the inauguration of the then-named Teatro Guzmán Blanco in 1881, which began its artistic history with the staging of opera II Trovatore, by Giuseppe Verdi. With the opening of this cultural venue, one of the most symbolic chapters in the history of the city opens up, with this first space for events.

Location: Avenida Lecuna with Avenida Oeste 8, Santa Teresa parish. Caracas.

Distance from the Hotel:

On foot: 3 minutes

Car: 1 minute

For information about Festivals and Billboard visit: FOUND YOU


Birthplace of Simón  Bolívar

The Birthplace of Simón Bolívar or Birthplace of the Liberator is the place where Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Ponte-Andrade Palacios y Blanco was born, better known as Simon Bolivar on July 24, 1783. The house is located between the corners of San Jacinto and Traposos on the Cathedral Parish de Caracas. Today it is a museum that preserves some original pieces of the house and some of Bolívar's clothes. On July 25, 2002 it was declared a National Monument.

Location:Corners of San Jacinto to Traposos, University Avenue, Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela

Distance from the Hotel:

On foot: 14 minutes

Car: 5 minutes

Entrada y horarios casa natal del Libertador Simón Bolívar Actualizados. Costos de la entr

Caracas cable car

The Caracas Cable Car or Warairarepano Cable Car is a system de Cableway from the city of CaracasVenezuela, inaugurated on December 11, 1955 and put into service on April 19, 1956, by the then president de VenezuelaMarcos Perez Jimenez

Reopened in 2001 as Magic Avila Park by the company Inversora Turística Caracas. Since 2007, the national government has been in charge of the commercial exploitation of the complex.

Location: Final Av. Principal de Maripérez, Caracas 1050, Capital District, Venezuela.

Distance from the Hotel:

On foot: 1 hour 8 minutes

Car: 13 minutes

For information on prices, schedules and events:@stwarairarepano


Paseo los Proceres

The Paseo de los Próceres is un monument Venezuelan located in the city venezuelan de Caracas, near the Fort Tiuna  and the Military Academy of the Bolivarian Army. On the promenade there are statues of the heroes of la Independence of venezuela, as well as fountains, stairs, small squares, roads and walls. Since 1993, Paseo Los Próceres and the entire annexed system was declared a National Historic Monument.

Location: Near the Fort Tiuna y de la Military Academy of the Bolivarian ArmySaint Peter Parish del Libertador Municipality

Distance from the Hotel:

On foot: 1 hour 24 minutes

Car: 16 minutes

Metro: The Symbols Stationline 3 of the Caracas Metro and station Los illustrious, line 7 del Caracas Subway

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